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How Stress Impacts The Workplace

As an employer, do you ever stop to think about how stress is impacting the wellbeing of your employees and what this can mean for the company’s future success?

Looking after the mental health of employees can help to promote a happy and productive workforce. Stress and anxiety are a leading cause of employee absence and they can contribute to ‘presenteeism’, a concept where employees are physically present but aren’t productive. 

There’s much more expectation for companies to support the emotional wellbeing of their employees, especially in a post-Covid world. 

How Stress Affects Performance and Productivity

So, how does stress impact the performance of employees? Some of the most common include: 

Low Energy – Chronic stress can affect energy and can leave employees feeling physically and emotionally drained. In these circumstances, it’s a huge challenge to perform at your best and be productive. 

Poor Focus – On a similar note, stress can affect cognitive performance, especially focus. 

Lack of Creativity – Small doses of stress can boost creativity but if stress is chronic, it can have the opposite effect.

Reduced Immunity – Stress is known to affect immunity and can be a big culprit for staff sickness. 

Higher Staff Turnover – If employees are burnt out, it’s more likely to lead to a higher staff turnover. 

Our Corporate Wellness Packages Can Help Employees To Manage Stress 

While it may not be possible for employees to completely avoid stress, taking care of physical and mental wellbeing can reduce the impact of stress and make it easier to perform at a high level. 

Our Corporate Wellness Packages are designed to support your employees mentally and physically through a holistic approach to wellness. The packages combine my skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a fully qualified Personal Trainer to provide all-round support for employees. 

Let’s break this down a little more: 

Eat to Beat Stress 

What employees eat can help to manage stress and the wrong foods can make it harder for the body to cope with it. 

If there’s not enough focus on key nutrients such as protein, magnesium, vitamin C and B vitamins, this is even more true. 

Our Corporate Wellness Packages include healthy recipe packs to help employees to use nutrition to manage stress. 

But it’s not just what they eat. How they eat also matters, which is why our Corporate Wellness Packages also include mindful eating advice to reduce the potential for emotional eating. 

Emotional eating is common as a response to stress and can trigger cravings for foods and drinks that don’t help the body to manage stress. Processed foods, sugar and caffeine can all fall into this category. 

But even if employees don’t veer towards these foods and drinks, emotional eating while stressed can make it harder to digest food, and contribute to digestive issues and weight gain. 

Move More

Exercise is a great stress-buster, not least because it helps produce feel-good endorphins. 

But many employees are spending most of their working day at their desk and are just as sedentary when they get home, which means they aren’t finding an opportunity to manage stress. 

Our Corporate Wellness packages include access to live and on-demand exercise classes so that employees can get moving at a time that suits them. 

Improve Sleep Hygiene

Stress often affects sleep and can contribute to fatigue, poor focus and memory, and lack of creativity. In short, it’s a driver for many of the cognitive issues that can impact employee performance. 

Improving sleep patterns can directly enhance how well employees can perform in their roles. 

Use The Power of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to achieve positive change in a wide range of areas. Your employees can use our hypnotherapy sessions to not only manage stress and anxiety and improve their sleep but to also boost their focus, reduce pain and address fears and phobias. 

As part of our Corporate Wellness packages, employees can receive subsidised hypnotherapy sessions to address areas of their wellbeing that may be impacting their performance at work.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we can get to the root cause(s) of stress and develop tools to increase resilience so that stress has less impact in the workplace.

Get Relaxation When It’s Most Needed

Our Corporate Wellness packages include access to on-demand guided meditation sessions to help your employees to get the benefits of meditation and stress relief whenever they need it. 

Replace Unhealthy Habits 

Day-to-day habits won’t necessarily help employees to manage stress. In fact, they can make the situation worse. 

Using food and alcohol to manage stress are common examples of this. 

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we can access the subconscious mind to get to the heart of habits that aren’t supporting employees to manage stress and replace them with alternative habits that will serve them better. 

Are You Ready To Help Your Employees To Manage Stress And Perform At Their Best?

Our Corporate Wellness Packages are a flexible and convenient way to support the emotional and physical needs of employees. 

Just a few of the benefits include helping employees to perform at their very best, have fewer sick days and feel more loyal towards your company. All of which can add up to bigger profits and more success.
Find out more about our Corporate Wellness Packages here and get in touch to discuss your company’s needs.


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