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Anxiety is one of the most common reasons for coming to hypnotherapy, especially after the stresses of the last couple of years. If you have been feeling anxious for some time and it’s been having a significant impact on your day-today life, it can seem as though you’ll never feel any other way. But hypnotherapy can be one of the best ways to overcome anxiety.

What is anxiety?

We all experience feelings of worry and unease from time to time and that’s perfectly normal. It’s part of the body’s “fight or flight” response when we’re faced with a threat or danger. 
In small doses, this anxiety can be motivating and give us the focus and impetus to avoid danger or find solutions to problems.
But when it’s happening most or all of the time and affecting your day-to-day life, it can cross the line into an anxiety disorder. For most people with chronic anxiety, the “threats” aren’t proportionate to the anxiety that’s being felt.
Anxiety and stress often go hand in hand but they’re not the same thing. Anxiety is a reaction to stress.

How hypnotherapy can help with anxiety

While anxiety has a huge impact on how the brain functions, this can be reversed.
Hypnotherapy for anxiety can be incredibly effective. One of the biggest reasons for this is the ability to relax the mind and body. If you have anxiety, it’s likely that you rarely or never feel relaxed and being able to do so gives your brain an all-important break from feeling anxious and on edge. When you’re in a state of focused attention, your brain is much more receptive to suggestions and much more likely to act on them.

By accessing the subconscious mind and taking advantage of this, you can reframe your thoughts and reframe your responses so that you can react differently in the future. Visualisation can be a powerful technique for imagining a future in which you aren’t controlled by your anxiety. Through hypnotherapy, we can give you tools that can help you to manage anxiety and change the way your brain responds to stress and threats.

Hypnotherapy can help you reduce anxiety

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Frequently asked questions about sessions

Your initial consultation will generally last for 45 minutes. This is a chance for us to talk about how you’re currently feeling and how hypnotherapy can help – including a detailed and easy-to-understand explanation of how the brain works, why it’s led to your current situation, and why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can change your brain.

Once we start to have hypnotherapy sessions, you can expect each one to last 50-60 minutes. We will work towards boosting your confidence and self-esteem by taking small but significant steps to change how you think and feel.

We will discuss this during the initial consultation as the average number of sessions can vary between clients.

Typically, it can take 8-12 sessions to improve your anxiety so that you’re ready to reach your full potential.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to change the way your brain works so you can feel happier and less anxious about life?

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Please note, hypnotherapy is effective but results may vary. Full client commitment to the treatment plan is necessary.