Hypnotherapy For
Depression / Low Mood

Hypnotherapy for depression / low mood

Feeling low happens to everyone from time to time but if you feel persistently sad and hopeless, it can be a sign of depression. You may also have lost interest in things that used to bring you pleasure, feel incredibly irritated or struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

You may have already tried other treatments for depression such as antidepressants and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with little or no improvement in your symptoms.

Negative thoughts come from the unconscious mind, which is the part of the brain that we can access during hypnotherapy. When your mind is fully relaxed, it’s much more receptive to taking on board positive suggestions. Your thoughts and behaviours can change, often very quickly through hypnotherapy for depression.

We can also resolve sleep issues, low self-esteem, and physical symptoms that can be linked to depression. The root causes of depression can be highly unique and this is something we can uncover and address during hypnotherapy. This is why antidepressants are often unsuccessful in treating depression as they aren’t resolving the underlying factor(s) behind the symptoms. Changing the chemical balance in the brain isn’t always enough, especially for long-lasting relief from depression symptoms.

See what our clients are saying

I went to Adele for help after I’d exhausted lots of other avenues on my road to try to carry on. I’d been told by others I was a lost cause basically, too far gone for their help, too high and too much going on for them to pull me back down. Friends and family didn’t know what to do or say, so often they stayed away. I’d never lost my son before and I really didn’t know how to cope.

I feel Adele got me out of the deep hole I was stuck in. She helped me find a part of my old self again, put things into perspective. I feel I am living again  to a certain degree and not just existing. I’ll never be truly myself again because I can never fill the gap or stop the pain in my heart. Adele has helped me immensely with my sleeping problems, shown me coping methods, helped me change my way of thinking and explained how our minds work which I’ve been able to use to my advantage to pick myself up and carry on because as soon as I find myself falling I use what I’ve learnt to stay afloat. Thank you so much for saving my life.


Hypnotherapy for Depression

Hypnotherapy is a proven natural solution for changing how your brain works and getting to the root cause of why you have been feeling depressed. Because we’re addressing the underlying causes of your depression symptoms, the changes we achieve can be lasting and life-changing.

Together, we can get you feeling like yourself again and living a happier life!

Frequently asked questions about sessions

Your initial consultation will generally last for 45 minutes. This is a chance for us to talk about how you’re currently feeling and how hypnotherapy can help – including a detailed and easy-to-understand explanation of how the brain works, why it’s led to you feeling low, and why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can change your brain to feel differently.

Once we start to have hypnotherapy sessions, you can expect each one to last 50-60 minutes. We will work towards reducing your depression symptoms by taking small but significant steps to change how you think and feel.

We will discuss this during the initial consultation as the average number of sessions can vary between clients.

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Please note, hypnotherapy is effective but results may vary. Full client commitment to the treatment plan is necessary.