Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programmes are on the rise, with more companies than ever deciding to go all in on supporting the wellbeing of their employees. 

Benefits of taking care of employee wellbeing

It can help you to: 

  • Reduce the mental and physical impact of stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • Create a positive and supportive work environment
  • Attract and retain more talent
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity

It’s not just physical illness that can affect employee absenteeism and performance. Mental health is equally important and, in some cases, feeling unsupported with their mental health is a significant reason for leaving a job.

Employees are more likely to engage in a corporate wellness programme if they can choose when they engage in activities.

Corporate Online Package

Our Corporate Wellness Packages are designed to support your employees mentally and physically. 

As well as being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and take a holistic approach to Wellness.

  • Access to On Demand Guided Meditation Session(s)
  • Subsidised Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Healthy Recipe Packs
  • Access to Live Online Exercises Classes
  • Access to On Demand exercises classes
  • Tips on Improving Sleep
  • Mindful Eating Practices
  • Goal Setting Exercises
  • Healthy Habits Pack
Our packages are fully online, so it doesn’t matter if you have employees over different sites. Everyone can access them.

Subsidised Hypnotherapy Sessions

Looking after your employee’s mental health can help promote a happy and productive workforce.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to achieve positive change in a wide range of areas. Your employees can use our hypnotherapy sessions to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus, overcome sleep problems, reduce pain and address fears and phobias. 

Sessions are available remotely or on-site in the Leeds area.

Guided Live or On Demand Meditation

An experience designed to leave employees feeling deeply relaxed. Employees can enjoy a live or On Demand session.

Various relaxation techniques are used to reduce stress, muscle tension and pain.  

Session are available remotely or on-site in the Leeds area.


Healthy Recipe Packs

Take the guesswork out of healthy eating and support employees to make food choices that improve their wellbeing and boost energy and focus. 


Online Group Exercise Classes

Regular exercise reduces the risk of serious disease and in the short term, it’s a great way to boost energy levels and mood. Employees can choose from a range of times for live classes throughout the week. They will also have access to the on-demand resources. 


Fun & Interactive Workshops. Arm your employees with powerful evidence based research on how the brain works and what we as individuals can do to keep ourselves at our best.

Additional Resources

Mindful Eating Practices, Goal Setting Exercises & Healthy Habits Pack to further boost employee wellbeing

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Prices are dependent on the number of employees but start at £250. To discuss your requirements please use the contact form below to arrange a free consultation

Our clients

See what our clients are saying

“We have worked with Adele since December 2021. Adele has provided our entire department with virtual fitness and relaxation classes both live and on demand. Working with her has been ‘a dream’. She has had a huge impact on our department, boosting staff energy, motivation, and mood. Adele’s dedication to her work is ‘second to none’ and we can’t thank her enough for the work she has done with our team. Staff who have attended the classes have enjoyed them and provided outstanding feedback and we hope to continue to work with her for the foreseeable future.”​

Please note, hypnotherapy is effective but results may vary. Full client commitment to the treatment plan is necessary.