A Holistic Weight Management Package

What Is It?

We all know that exercise has a powerful impact on our mental health. When we feel anxious, depressed or lacking in confidence and self-esteem, the thought of starting an exercise routine or making small behavioural changes, can be overwhelming.

How many times have you started a new self-imposed regime, only to find it fall by the wayside because your mind really wasn’t in it?

Not only am I a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’m also a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist.

My mind and body package offers a transformational experience by combining hypnotherapy and personal training to reprogramme your mind and body. By reducing stress levels and improving sleep, you’ll find creating new, more beneficial patterns of behaviour become easier.

My online Mind & Body package take some of the barriers away that have stopped you from reaching your goals, and maintaining your goals in the past. They are online, so no need to travel. I have sessions available from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Thursday (subject to availability), giving you plenty of different options allowing you to balance your other priorities.

I’ll be there throughout your journey to help guide and support you and keep you accountable. 

What do you get?

Online Mind and Body 6-week package

  • 4 x 50-minute hypnotherapy sessions held via Zoom 
  • 12 x 45-minute personal training sessions held via Zoom
  • Healthy recipe packs
  • Access to my library of On Demand Exercise Resources 
  • Relaxation Audio – listen to daily to work at a subconscious level
  • Access to 6 live exercise classes per week


£480.00 (saving £55) – payable up front

See what our clients are saying

‘I can never thank Adele enough for all she has done for me. I have struggled for years with my relationship with food, I was always one of two ways; binge eating or dieting, never a happy medium. I thought I would visit Adele and she could give me hypnotherapy which will cure me, and I would finally be slim, little did I know that, that wasn’t even the issue.

Adele has been amazing!

She explained hypnotherapy and how my food disorder formed, and I was amazed by how scientific the process was. The neurological explanation gave me confidence in the therapy and I was eager to get started. Adele never focused on my eating disorder, but instead explained the effects of stress and negative thinking has on the body. Adele give me a download to listen for going to sleep to help with me processing my thoughts and to ensure I have the right sleep, plus I visited her weekly.

She’s professional and friendly, genuinely caring about all her patients and offering any help she can. Like I said I originally went for my food disorder, but I finished my course with no more self-hate/criticism, but instead it gives me self-love and positivity which has stopped me having the negative relationship with food and I feel at peace with myself.

I got married a few weeks after my final visit and with the help of Adele I felt amazing and had an extremely special day.

I recently had a very stressful period in my life, so I started listening to my download again. It’s great to know that I always have that safety net that will support me.

Adele is a pro and I’m genuinely sad that I can no longer visit because of moving away from the area because she is a lovely woman. She has given me not only hope for finally dealing with my negative mind talk, but the ability to see the world with new meaning and confidence. I leave her beautiful sanctuary with hope and the inspiration to one day be able to help people in the special way she does. It is a true gift!’ x


Please note, hypnotherapy is effective but results may vary. Full client commitment to the treatment plan is necessary.